April 08, 2004

Ted Kennedy, A National Joke for Twenty-five Years.

 National Lampoon began publishing in the '70's;  this was an early offering.  It's still a beauty.

If Ted Kennedy drove a Volkswagen,
he'd be President today


The way our body is built, we'd be surprised if it didn't. The sheet of flat steel that goes underneath every Volkswagen keeps out water, as well as dirt and salt and other nasty things that can eat away at the underside of a car. So it's watertight at the bottom. And everybody knows it's easier to shut the door on a Volkswagen after you've rolled down the window a little.

That proves it's practically airtight on top. If it was a boat, we could call it the Water Bug. But it's not a boat, it's a car.

And, like Mary Jo Kopechne, it's only 99 and 44/100 percent pure. So it won't stay afloat forever. Just long enough. Poor Teddy. If he'd been smart enough to buy a Volkswagen, he never would have gotten into hot water.

When a law suit was threatened by VW, National Lampoon ran the following retraction:

 "Even if Ted Kennedy had driven a Volkswagen he wouldn't be president today."

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